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I'm 21 years old student from Vantaa. Please see the home page for more information and my resume.


SSH – Linux Servers – Exercise 5

At the time of writing it’s the 24th of February 2019, approximately at 23:30 I started these like every normal student should. At around midnight on the last night of...

February 25, 2019

Linux Servers – Exercise 2

It’s the end of school week 2, and the deadline of the exercise is getting near. I’m well aware that I’m probably a bit late starting out with this one,...

January 27, 2019

Linux Servers – Exercise 1

I had already created one xUbuntu livestick during  the lecture, so I did not create another one. However, I did create a virtual machine using VirtualBox that was running xUbuntu...

January 19, 2019